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Disability Insurance

Disability Income (Pay-Check) Insurance

How will you live if you're disabled?

    Could you continue to take care of your family and pay your bills if you were sick or injured and unable to work for any length of time?  Do you know how much money would be coming in each month—and from where —if you were to become disabled?  

Not everyone is covered for disability income.  Some can rely on their employer’s group disability coverage. Others are covered by government disability programs.  But, for many people, an illness or injury that stops their paychecks would create problems for them and their families.

    Disability income insurance can help.  It is designed to replace a major portion of income when sickness or injury prevents a person from earning a living. It can help pay regular monthly bills while a person is recovering, but is still unable to do his or her job.

The "AHIP Guide to Disability Insurance" explains some important things:

  • The chances of becoming disabled

  • How it can affect your finances

  • Possible sources of disability income

  • What disability income insurance is

  • What disability income insurance covers


    This guide will help you think about how much income you would need if you became disabled and were unable to work, and possible sources of disability income. It also includes a checklist to help you compare disability income insurance policies.

Click Below to View Kiplinger's Disability Insurance Video

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